Sep 14

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather 2.2

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather App



Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather 2.2 is now available on the Apple App Store

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Scope Nights 2.2 focuses on iOS9 compatibility and performance, and much of the code has been refactored to 64-bit, ensuring the app takes advantage of speed improvements offered by newer 64-bit devices. Scope Nights 2.2 also includes bug fixes and a new list of IDA dark sky sites and general improvements to the Dark Sky Locations upgrade.

This is a free app update for those using Scope Nights 2.1. If you are new to Scope Nights please also read the Scope Nights App page for a full description of all features.

Here’s a list of changes…

iOS9 Compatibility

Apple iOS9 causes Scope Nights 2.1 to crash on startup due to fundamental changes to the operating system, so Scope Nights 2.2 has been updated to work with iOS9.

64-bit Support

Much of the code has been refactored to make Scope Nights a 64-bit app, resulting in app performance improvements for 64-bit devices such as iPhone 5s, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air 1 & 2, and iPad Mini 2 & 3.

New Dark Sky Features

Scope Nights: Best Stargazing SitesThe Dark Sky Locations upgrade includes the following improvements:

1. A new list of IDA dark sky places.

2. New dark sky map filter buttons for observatories and dark sky sites, allowing you to show or hide these different types of markers.

3. Improvements have been made to the best stargazing forecasts screen. You can now share the best stargazing forecasts using a Twitter sharing button. This might be useful if you have a choice of observing locations and want to share the best location forecasts with other astronomers. There is also a current location button on this screen to show or hide your current location in the results. This might be useful if you only wish to compare remote locations and not your current location.



Bug Fixes & Improvements

Many minor bug fixes and improvements have been made to Scope Nights 2.2 to improve functionality and usability. Graphics have also been updated and optimised to improve UI performance.

If you enjoy using Scope Nights and find it useful, please recommend this version of Scope Nights to others by giving a good rating in the App Store, as it helps to ensure Scope Nights is developed further and keeps getting better!

Thanks for your support,