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Global Forecasts Outage

Scope Nights isn’t receiving global forecasts at the moment, I’m currently looking into it and am hoping to issue a fix in the coming weeks.

Scope Nights uses a free public domain weather service for the global forecasts, ie. outside UK & US, and there is no service level agreement. It seems as though the service was updated, but I wasn’t notified. Unfortunately this particular update has broken the global stargazing forecasts in Scope Nights.

If you’re in the UK or US you should still be able to get a 5 night national stargazing forecast, even though the app may complain about the missing global forecast. I found that after restarting the app, the latest UK or US forecast is displayed.

As free weather services are not the most reliable, I’m hoping to find a more reliable commercial global weather provider and create a new and improved version of Scope nights later in the year. There would obviously have to be a small subscription fee to cover my costs, but if that’s something you’d be interested in then do let me know.

I’ll post an update in the coming weeks once I’ve had time to debug and test properly.

Thank you for your patience & clear skies,

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