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Making Scope Nights with XamarinWelcome to Egg Moon Studio, I’m an independent app developer based in Liverpool UK, and created Scope Nights Astronomy Weather out of my passion for astronomy, weather, apps and technology.

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Clear Skies!


Scope Nights has been providing reliable custom stargazing forecasts to the amateur astronomy community for the past 6 years. Scope Nights has also received excellent reviews from popular astronomy magazines. Including Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Now, All About Space and Sky At Night. Along with a Hot Product 2013 award in Sky & Telescope Magazine.

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Sky & Telescope

March 2015

"Amateur astronomers may not control the weather, but at least we can plan for it. Several astronomy-oriented weather apps are available, but Scope Nights has become my favorite. It does a fine job of summarizing the data in a clear and understandable fashion."

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