Go stargazing with Scope Nights Astronomy Weather & Dark Sky App

Scope Nights has been providing reliable custom stargazing forecasts to the amateur astronomy community for the past 6 years. Scope Nights has also received excellent reviews from popular astronomy magazines. Including Sky & Telescope, Astronomy Now, All About Space and Sky At Night. Along with a Hot Product 2013 award in Sky & Telescope Magazine.

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Local Stargazing Forecasts

Local stargazing forecasts updated hourly using the best forecast data available direct from the UK Met Office and the US NOAA National Weather Service

Plan Your Observing

View at a glance which nights will be good for astronomy and create custom stargazing ratings using observing thresholds.

Find Dark Sky Sites

Find nearby dark sky sites with the clearest skies using a detailed light pollution map derived from the latest NASA satellite data.

Stargazing Notifications

Receive accurate notifications of good or fair stargazing ratings based on your custom thresholds, well before sunset so you can prepare for your observing session

Sky & Telescope Magazine Recommends Scope Nights

“Amateur astronomers may not control the weather, but at least we can plan for it. Several astronomy-oriented weather apps are available, but Scope Nights has become my favorite. It does a fine job of summarizing the data in a clear and understandable fashion.” – Rod Mollise, Sky & Telescope Contributing Editor.”


Updates & Support

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Making Scope Nights with Xamarin
  • I use this app to plan all my observing sessions. It has all the information that I need in one place, not only informing me if it’s going to be a clear night but also what humidity to expect... also the moon phase. You can set the parameters that could limit your particular observing requirements so that it only gives you the “green light” when all the conditions are just right. Excellent.

    App Store Review Oct 2017
  • I write as an amateur astronomer of modest experience, but to date this is the best Astro app I’ve used. It is clear, sleek & very user friendly; the notifications are great for letting you know what’s happening & when – this is particularly useful when you have limited time for observations & have to ‘pre-book’ your ‘astro moments’. Highly recommended.

    App Store Review Feb 2018
  • I've been using the Scope Nights App for over 3 years now and it is invaluable for planning my viewing sessions, whether I’m planning a Messier Marathon or a transit of Mercury... this app has it all. This will certainly help you find those clear nights!

    App Store Review May 2019

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