Scope Nights’ Reviews

All About Space Magazine Recommends Scope Nights 2.5

June 2018

“One of the things that stands between an astronomer and the night sky is the weather… Scope Nights targets an aspect of astronomy that provides observers with all the information they need… Overall we were extremely impressed with the app, especially given the price of it. It has an excellent design interface, which makes all aspects accessible and visually enjoyable.” – Lee Cavendish, Staff Writer, All About Space magazine.

Sky At Night Magazine – Stargazing With A Smartphone, The 15 best astro apps available right now – Scope Nights 2.4

May 2017

“Every amateur astronomer yearns for clear, dark skies, and this exhaustive app helps you find them.” – Jamie Carter, author of A Stargazing Program for Beginners: A Pocket Field Guide.

T3 Gadget Magazine – 7 Stellar Gadgets & Apps For Starry-Eyed Astronomers – Scope Nights 2.2

Dec 2016

“You may have invested in a terrific telescope, but if you set it up in a light area, it’s unlikely you’ll be seeing stars. The Scope Nights app uses Nasa’s high resolution light pollution map to find dark sites with clear skies to help astronomers plan trips, as well as providing stargazing weather forecasts up to 10 nights ahead.” – Sarah Griffiths, Science and Technology Journalist.

Sky & Telescope Magazine recommends Scope Nights 2.1

March 2015

“Amateur astronomers may not control the weather, but at least we can plan for it. Several astronomy-oriented weather apps are available, but Scope Nights has become my favorite… it does a fine job of summarizing the data in a clear and understandable fashion. Scope Nights is the best $1.99 I’ve ever spent in astronomy.” – Rod Mollise, Sky & Telescope Contributing Editor.

The Mac Observer – Essential iOS Apps for Amateur Astronomers – Scope Nights 2.0

Jan 2014

“Before you can start planning for an observing session, it’s helpful to know what the weather is going to be that evening as well as the phase of the moon. The weather: sunset, cloud cover, humidity, low temperature and so on will help determine a start time and what clothing you’ll need. The phase of the moon will tell you whether you’ll be doing some casual observing of the moon and planets during a bright full moon or perhaps some deep sky photography at new moon or after the moon in partial phase has set. Recently, my attention was drawn to Scope Nights by Egg Moon Studio. It has a nice GUI compared to the website apps, and it’s a Universal app.”

Austin Astronomical Society Reviews Scope Nights 1.6

Jan 2014

“… it has better features than similar apps that cost four times as much. It also provides basic sky conditions without an abundance of technical terms. The graphics and animations contributed to the simplicity of the planning experience. Being able to see this forecasted up to 7 days really helped me plan and monitor outreach events. The more-advanced astronomers will find its extended 10-night forecast feature valuable compared to other apps that limit the forecast to 48 hours. I would recommend Scope Nights to any stargazer planning his/her next night out.”

Astronomy Technology Today Review of Scope Nights 1.6

July 2013

“What characteristics would you look for in someone best suited to develop an astronomy weather report app? A former meteorologist? Check. A degree in Applied Physics and Astronomy? Check. Fifteen years industry experience as a software engineer? Check. That’s Martin Dodd, creator of the Scope Nights weather reporting app. Martin received the S&T Hot Products Award for 2013 for his app and has recently announced several upgrades to the app.”

Sky & Telescope Magazine Awards Scope Nights with a Hot Product recommendation in their Innovative Astronomy Gear Review

Jan 2013

“There’s no shortage of weather-related apps for the iPhone, but there’s only one specifically made for amateur astronomers… Our resident weather maven, who uses more than half a dozen apps and websites to prepare predictions, gives Scope Nights two thumbs up for it’s consistent accuracy.”


Astronomy Now Magazine Recommends Scope Nights in their Astro Loot section 

Nov 2012

“Launch those fireworks! Blast that klaxon! How many of us have laboriously prepared our observing equipment under a clear ceiling, only to have it blotted out by a wall of cloud seconds after we are ready? Or, waited forlornly with undue optimism under leaden heavens for signs of a crack in the sky? At last, here is the help we need. Conventional weather forecasts meet the needs of Earthly dwellers; news of cloud cover when sensible folk are asleep is hardly required. Now via this wonderful App… local forecasts for nocturnal weather… are now available.”

Sky at Night Magazine Features Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather Reports in their round up of latest astronomical accessories

Nov 2012

“This IOS opp uses weather data from locations in the UK and USA to rate the night’s stargazing patten, as well as listing sunrise and sunset times, wind speed, temperature and humidity.”