Scope Nights Astronomy Weather App

Scope Nights Astronomy Weather App

Experience the real night sky and go stargazing with Scope Nights award-winning astronomy weather app

Scope Nights is the first astronomy app to provide accurate and detailed stargazing weather forecasts worldwide, and has been providing reliable forecasts to the amateur astronomy community for the past 6 years. Scope Nights is designed to give the best stargazing forecasts available using a combination of global and national weather forecasts, and is an indispensable tool for astronomers, from amateur stargazers to astrophotographers with specific requirements for observing.

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Plan your astronomy events using Scope Nights medium-range stargazing forecasts up to 10-nights ahead. And use Scope Nights accurate short-range stargazing forecasts to get last minute stargazing conditions and notifications.

Use the NASA high-resolution global light pollution map to find dark sky sites with clear skies. Customise weather thresholds to fine tune stargazing ratings to suit your telescope or observatory requirements.

Share your custom stargazing forecasts with fellow astronomers via Facebook, Twitter, Email, etc.

Sky & Telescope Magazine recommends Scope Nights 2.1  “Amateur astronomers may not control the weather, but at least we can plan for it. Several astronomy-oriented weather apps are available, but Scope Nights has become my favorite… it does a fine job of summarizing the data in a clear and understandable fashion” – Rod Mollise, Sky & Telescope Contributing Editor.

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Accurate Stargazing Forecasts


Automatically shows stargazing weather for your current location and finds stargazing forecasts for any location worldwide.

Creates nightly summaries using smart weather analysis to show at a glance which nights will be most suitable for stargazing.

Provides 3 hourly and 6 hourly astronomy forecasts. Showing colour coded details for moon phase, cloud cover, precipitation probability, humidity, and minimum temperature in celsius or fahrenheit. Along with overnight average wind speed and gusts in mph, knots, kph or mps.

Uses short range national weather forecasts updated hourly using weather data provided by NOAA and Met Office. Along with medium range global stargazing forecasts derived from the European numerical forecast model. Renowned worldwide as providing the most accurate medium range forecasts.

Please see the National Astronomy Weather page for more details.

Dark Sky Locations


Detailed global light pollution map derived from the latest NASA satellite data. Designed to help you find local dark sky sites with the best stargazing forecasts. Use the dark sky map to select any Scope Site, Observatory or Dark Sky Site and view the latest stargazing forecast in detail.

Map markers showing tonight’s stargazing ratings for your favourite Scope Sites, and the latest international dark sky sites & major astronomical observatories. Along with searchable lists of dark sky sites and major astronomical observatories. Just select any Observatory or Dark Sky Site and add them your Scope Sites list.

Creates a list of best stargazing sites that shows which of your favourite Scope Sites has the best stargazing for each night. This is useful if you have a choice of stargazing locations, but want to choose the one with the best stargazing conditions.

Compare stargazing forecasts for your favourite Scope Sites. Use the Scope Sites page to remove Scope Sites or change the order of your Scope Nights summary page.

Please see the Dark Sky Locations page for more details.

Astronomer’s Weather Settings


For astronomers who don’t have time to observe through the whole night… Choose night, evening or morning coverage to give more relevant stargazing ratings.

Analyses weather, cloud cover, wind, humidity, temperature and moon phase paramaters. Then creates stargazing ratings using weighted algorithms.

Create custom stargzing forecasts using threshold adjustments for moon phase, wind, temperature and humidity to suit your observing requirements. Also includes wind speed gust sensitivity switch for those with large telescopes or in exposed locations.

Please see the Astronomer’s Weather Settings page for more details.


Big Help

This is one of the most helpful astronomy apps that has been made for the astronomer. I know what the weather will be at the observatory and any of my other sites. I know what to wear my coat or give up and go home for the night. It takes the guesswork out of planing an observing run.

App Store Review by Danalambert from United States on Dec 16, 2014

Best Astronomy App

I love this astronomy app! The forecasts are accurate and it notifies me during the day if there is a possible clear sky for the night. And till now, it has been spot on! I heavily use this app for planning my astronomy and astrophotography sessions and absolutely love it! The upgrades are totally worth it too! A Must buy IMO!

App Store Review by Meizagoodboy from United States on Dec 16, 2014

Support Scope Nights

If you enjoy using Scope Nights and find it useful, please recommend Scope Nights to others by giving a good rating in the App Store. It helps to ensure Scope Nights is developed further and keeps getting better!

Help Articles & Support

If you have a problem with the app or want to provide feedback, please check the help articles or submit a support enquiry.

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