Oct 12

Scope Nights Astronomy Weather v2.5

Scope Nights 2.5 Now Available in the App Store

New Layout and Moon Forecasts in Scope Nights Astronomy Weather v2.5

New Features …

Scope Nights 2.5 is a free update which includes iOS11 compatibility, support for older iOS9 devices, new features, performance improvements and bug fixes.

NEW – iOS11 compatibility allowing Scope Nights to work on the latest devices.

NEW – Backwards compatibility with older devices running iOS 9.3, allowing more people to freely upgrade to the latest Scope Nights.

NEW – Improved Moon phase forecasts including percentage, rise, set and altitude. The moon is critical for deep sky and lunar observing or imaging, so this was a much needed improvement. The phase percentage will appear in the summary and detail views, and rise & set and altitude will appear in the details view for the relevant forecast periods. The moon phase icon will only show in the detail forecast when it is either rising, setting or above the horizon.

NEW – Long-press gesture on the Dark Sky Map to add new Scope Sites, allowing you to get stargazing forecasts for any location.

NEW – Improved easier to read layouts for summary and detail forecasts. I’ve also replaced some of the icons with words which will hopefully make the forecast a bit easier to understand.

If you find this latest version of Scope Nights useful, please take a moment to leave a new App Store rating or update your previous rating. I don’t get paid for app updates, so your review encourages others to buy Scope Nights which enables me to keep developing the app.

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