Dec 21

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather & Dark Sky Map v2.4

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather App

Scope Nights v2.4 Update

Scope Nights 2.4 is a free update with iOS10 support, new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. I have taken on board your feedback and also removed the upgrades. All features are now accessible with the initial purchase of the app.

In-App Purchases (IAP) did not work in the short lived Scope Nights 2.3 update and the issue did not show up during sandbox testing so I decided to remove IAP’s altogether, especially as App Store reviews suggested many people were unhappy with the upgrades in the app, so the pricing is now upfront. The new app price reflects all of the features available and the fact that Scope Night’s astronomy forecasts are not time limited unlike apps that use subscriptions for data services.

If you have upgraded to 2.4 and run into issues then first try deleting the app from your device before downloading 2.4 again from the App Store. Obviously the downside of this is that you will need to add your Scope Sites and Settings again, but if a fresh install doesn’t fix any issues then please contact me and I’ll look into issuing a new update with fixes if needed.

Note: If you use an older device that does not support iOS10, Scope Nights 2.2 is still available to download on the App Store. The upgrades in 2.2 are now all free but you will need to actually activate the upgrades to access those features.


New features available in Scope Nights 2.4

NEW – More stargazing forecasts… You can now save & compare up to 10 sites. I’ve improved the speed and performance of the data downloads which means the app can download more forecasts without taking too long. Obviously this is dependent on your network connection speed too. I’ve had to keep the limit to 10 forecasts due to data download restrictions enforced by weather data services.

NEW – App Badge showing the number of sites with good stargazing for the upcoming night. Scope Nights now uses background fetching of weather forecast data giving more accurate and up to date stargazing notifications. You can turn off Scope Nights Notifications in iOS Settings if need be. I’m hoping to allow configuration of notifications within the app in a future update.

NEW – Improved sharing. You can now share your Scope Nights forecasts via Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Mail, Messages & Notes. Or save, copy & print stargazing forecasts to share anywhere.

Clear Skies,