Jan 21

Super Wolf Blood Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse 2019

Total Lunar Eclipses are fairly regular phenomena but the Total Lunar Eclipse 2019 was the last one for a few years. It occurred during a Supermoon at closest approach to the Earth, and the Moon in January is often called a “Wolf Moon”. A Total Lunar Eclipse is also called a “Blood Moon”. So this […]

Oct 12

Scope Nights Astronomy Weather v2.5

Scope Nights 2.5 Now Available in the App Store New Features … Scope Nights 2.5 is a free update which includes iOS11 compatibility, support for older iOS9 devices, new features, performance improvements and bug fixes. NEW – iOS11 compatibility allowing Scope Nights to work on the latest devices. NEW – Backwards compatibility with older devices […]

Sep 15

Enabling Scope Nights Upgrades on Multiple iOS Devices

Enabling Scope Nights Upgrades On Multiple iOS Devices

A Scope Nights upgrade is what Apple calls an “in-app purchase”, which is a license that belongs to your iCloud account and enables you to activate extra content within apps, just as an iOS app purchase gives your iCloud account a license to use that app. The particular type that Scope Nights upgrades use is called a “non-consumable” in-app purchase, […]

Sep 14

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather 2.2

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather App

[callout][three_fourth] Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather 2.2 is now available on the Apple App Store [/three_fourth] [one_fourth_last][button color=’magenta’ size=’medium’ link=’https://itunes.apple.com/app/scope-nights-astronomy-weather/id540120977?mt=8&ls=1′]Download Now[/button][/one_fourth_last] [/callout] Scope Nights 2.2 focuses on iOS9 compatibility and performance, and much of the code has been refactored to 64-bit, ensuring the app takes advantage of speed improvements offered by newer 64-bit devices. Scope Nights 2.2 also includes bug […]

Dec 13

Scope Nights: Dark Sky Locations

Dark Sky Map The Dark Sky Locations Upgrade gives you full access to the Scope Nights Dark Sky Map.  This is a high resolution global light pollution map designed to help you find local dark sky sites with the best stargazing forecasts. Your favourite Scope Sites will be shown on the map with the stargazing ratings […]

Dec 13

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather 2.1

  [callout][three_fourth] Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather 2.1 is now available on the Apple App Store [/three_fourth] [one_fourth_last][button color=’magenta’ size=’medium’ link=’https://itunes.apple.com/app/scope-nights-astronomy-weather/id540120977?mt=8′]Download Now[/button][/one_fourth_last] [/callout] Scope Nights 2.1 now includes an accurate dark sky map designed to help you find local dark sky sites with the best stargazing forecasts. For those who are new to Scope Nights please […]

Jun 4

A Stargazing Trip to Kielder Observatory and Northumberland Dark Sky Park

Kielder Observatory Telescope

Kielder Observatory is located near Kielder Water in Northumberland National Park and is the creation of Gary Fildes who began a crusade to build an observatory in the park after experiencing it’s wonderful dark skies. The result is an architecturally unique wooden building in the middle of nowhere that attracts thousands of visitors each year. Northumberland […]

Mar 16

Where’s The App Store Astronomy Category?

Scope Nights Astronomy Weather has been on the Apple App Store for nearly two years now, but there is still no Astronomy Category for my app. So I have had to place it in the Weather Category which is very misleading as it’s primary purpose is an astronomy observing and planning aid and not just […]