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1990_Falklands_Weather_Balloon_LaunchI’m from a 2000 year old roman city called Chester situated just south of Liverpool, England. From an early age science, technology and multimedia have always been passions of mine… I bought my first astronomical telescope in 1980, a small 60mm refractor, and once I’d gazed upon Saturn as a tiny cosmic jewel in the sky, I was hooked! This was soon followed by a Sinclair ZX81 computer, although it’s computing power was very limited, I was amazed that along with few hundred lines of code and a tape machine I could create my own interactive games! I then discovered rock music and eventually bought my own guitar and got into recording, mixing and mastering songs onto tape and then onto computers. After working as a meteorological observer in the Met Office for 5 years, I went on to study physics & astronomy at the University of Central Lancashire, and ended up working as software engineer for the next 15 years. I eventually founded Egg Moon Studio in February 2012 in an effort to merge all my experiences and interests into one.

Meade-LXD75-SCTI decided to create the Scope Nights app as it’s an ideal merger of astronomy, meteorology and software, but I was also tired of sifting through conventional weather apps trying to find the night time forecasts to decide whether to setup my scope. I also needed another excuse to get my 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope out! … and so Scope Nights was born. It has had great initial reviews from the likes of Sky & Telescope Magazine and Astronomy Now Magazine, and was awarded Hot Product for 2013 by Sky & Telescope. I’ve also had lots of encouraging comments and feedback for new features, and Scope Nights has had some great reviews in the App Store.

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