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Enabling Scope Nights Upgrades on Multiple iOS Devices

Enabling Scope Nights Upgrades On Multiple iOS Devices

Enabling Scope Nights Upgrades On Multiple iOS Devices

A Scope Nights upgrade is what Apple calls an “in-app purchase”, which is a license that belongs to your iCloud account and enables you to activate extra content within apps, just as an iOS app purchase gives your iCloud account a license to use that app. The particular type that Scope Nights upgrades use is called a “non-consumable” in-app purchase, which only lets you buy items one time, and then you can transfer them to other devices that are associated with your Apple ID.

But Apple in-app purchases aren’t authorised automatically on your device when you download and install an app. They have to be authorised at a later stage after the app is installed. The way Scope Nights does this is via the Upgrades page within the app, and on this page you can purchase new upgrade licenses and restore existing ones. Much more information and help about making in-app purchases and solutions to purchasing problems can be found on the Apple webpage how to make in-app purchases.

Once you’ve purchased an upgrade within Scope Nights you can then restore it on all devices that use the iCloud account you used to make the initial upgrade purchase. To do this you need to open Scope Nights and go to the Upgrades page which can be found via the Help page:

  1. Tap the Restore button at the top of the Upgrades page and Scope Nights will try to connect to a remote Apple server via the internet and authorise any upgrades you’ve already purchased using your iCloud account. You may be asked by Apple for your iCloud password as authorisation, but you won’t be charged again for the upgrades if you’ve already purchased them with that iCloud account.
  2. If upgrade authorisations are found in your iCloud account, they will be applied in the app and the relevant upgrade buttons will be disabled and say “Upgrade Applied”. If you open the Scope Nights forecast page in the app after restoring upgrades, the forecasts will be updated to reflect any changes.

I hope this helps you with enabling Scope Nights upgrades on all devices. If you still have problems restoring upgrades please refer to the Apple website documentation on how to restore in-app purchases, and if that doesn’t help then please let me know and I’ll do my best to help.

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