Jan 9

How To Use Scope Nights

Scope Nights requires a working Internet connection to download weather data. You can either let the app find your current location or choose another location anywhere in the world using the search screen. The Scope Nights screen shows forecast for each night’s stargazing conditions using a simple traffic light system. Green = Good weather conditions […]

Jan 9

How Scope Nights Works

Scope Nights is a unique astronomy weather app that uses a combination of national and global weather forecasts to compile detailed stargazing weather ratings up to 10 nights ahead for anywhere in the world. Many weather apps are unwieldy, over complicated and very generalised. Scope Nights was designed to be intuitive, quick, and easy, focusing […]

Jul 22

Making Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather Reports with Xamarin

Scope Nights: Astronomy Weather Reports will be one year old in August 2013, so I thought I’d write a little bit about my experience in order to try and help new app developers and also to highlight the amount of work that goes into creating a mobile app. I started writing Scope Nights in Spring […]

Jul 5

Buying Your First Telescope for Astronomy

A friend asked me a while back for advice on what scope to buy to get into astronomy.  So I thought I’d post some details to help anyone else looking for a decent starter telescope. Ultimately it all depends on how much you want to spend really.  But when buying a telescope you need to consider […]

Jul 3


Hi, I’m from a 2000 year old roman city called Chester situated just south of Liverpool, England. From an early age science, technology and multimedia have always been passions of mine… I bought my first astronomical telescope in 1980, a small 60mm refractor, and once I’d gazed upon Saturn as a tiny cosmic jewel in […]