About Egg Moon Studio

MartinDodd@EggMoonStudio-TelescopeMy name is Martin Dodd and I’m from Chester, England. I founded Egg Moon Studio in 2012 out of my passion for astronomy and technology

My dad bought me my first astronomical telescope in 1980, and once I’d gazed upon Saturn as a tiny cosmic jewel in the sky, I was hooked. This was soon followed by a ZX81 computer, and although it’s computing power was very limited, I was amazed that with a few hundred lines of code I could create my own interactive games. I then taught myself guitar and started using computers to create music, and have always enjoyed being creative with technology.

Having initially worked as a meteorologist, I went on to study Applied Physics & Astronomy at the University of Central Lancashire in order to follow my passion for astronomy. Although I received a BSc Honours Degree, jobs in astronomy were hard to come by and I needed to pay back my student loan. So I worked as a software engineer for many years and eventually created Egg Moon Studio in 2012 in an effort to merge all my experiences and interests, but also to have more creative freedom. Around this same time, my wife also started her own business Alison Dodd Photography, and while it’s been extremely challenging creating two startups, it’s also been very rewarding following our passions.

ScopeNightsAppBadgeCreating an astronomy weather app was an easy decision as it’s an ideal merger of astronomy, meteorology and software, but I was also tired of sifting through conventional weather apps trying to find the night time forecasts to decide whether to setup my scope. I also needed another excuse to get my 8″ Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope out! … and so Scope Nights was born. It has had great initial reviews from the likes of Sky & Telescope Magazine and Astronomy Now Magazine, and was awarded Hot Product for 2013 by Sky & Telescope. I’ve also had lots of encouraging comments and feedback for new features, and Scope Nights has had some great reviews in the App Store.

Please follow Egg Moon Studio on Twitter, Facebook or Google+ if you would like to hear about the very latest Scope Nights updates and developments, astronomy weather news, or new app developments. And if you require technical assistance or have a general enquiry please check the Help Articles.

I’m an independent developer and rely on recommendations and ratings to continue developing apps. So if you like Scope Nights and would like to see new features and continued support, please leave a good rating on the Scope Nights App Store Page. Many thanks for your support.

Clear skies!